In the beginning, “goodbye” is a deceptively simple word. We think it means “I’m leaving now to go do something else.”  It’s a farewell, but not a permanent one. In the beginning, “goodbye” means “see you later.”

But nobody remains a child forever, and as the years start adding up and life removes your innocence, the true meaning of “goodbye” begins to reveal itself. It grows bigger and heavier until you realize that “goodbye” is not a word, but a never-ending fact of life.

“Goodbye” delivers the entire range of human emotions. Sometimes it makes us laugh, and sometimes it makes us cry. Sometimes it is a friend, sometimes, a foe. Sometimes, we choose to say goodbye. Other times, we are forced.

Some goodbyes are liberating. Old grudges, bitter feelings, anger.

Some are painful, but necessary. Hopeless crushes. Unrealistic ideas about life.

Some are bittersweet. Old friends. Schools. Places you once lived. Eras of your life.

Some are soul-crushing. Failed relationships.

Some are life-altering and irreversible. Death.

More often than not, “goodbye” is painful. But it’s unavoidable. So every day we get out of bed and start another day, hoping that in the end our “hellos” will have greatly outnumbered our “goodbyes.”

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